There is no better plan than a movie, sofa and popcorn, for the weekends when the day goes on and there is not much to do. And if you are also a lover of suspense movies, you cannot miss the cinematographic experience that the PG range of televisions offers to watch them.

The Power Green Corp team not only puts the future of the image within your reach, but also advances with sound, through the Dolby system and integrated speakers. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, individual sounds come from all directions so clarity, detail and depth fill your room.

Apart from some popcorn and a good movie, what more could you want for a weekend of cinema at home?

From Power Green Corp, we can only recommend some lifelong suspense movies for you to live on our Smart TV:

  1. Shutter Island (2010)
  2. Origen (2010)
  3. Instinto básico (1992)
  4. Los crímenes de Oxford (2008)
  5. Los otros (2001)
  6. El Bosque (2004)
  7. La Ola (2008)
  8. Perdida (2014)

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