There are movie scenes that could be displayed in a museum. There are films that have impacted us because of how impressive their images are, and here we only chose the 10 films that left us speechless thanks to their impressive visual level. Do you agree with our selection? Would you add any more?

  1. Amélie (Dir. Jean Pierre Jeunet,2001)

This film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a festival of unique colors and illuminations, in which Audrey Tatou becomes the center of a constant Parisian postcard. The success of this film has a lot to do with photography and production work, said photography is based on ocher, warm tones, such as red, green, yellow sprinkled from time to time by bright blue objects that are very striking, making a very colorful universe as a whole, although sometimes it gives a somewhat rusty appearance, it is understood that it is with the intention of reflecting the loneliness and antisocial feeling of the protagonist with a touch of reality and crudeness. It combines very well with the clash between dreams and reality that the film proposes. And also with the rest of the chosen scenery, which is so precise and accurate in every detail.

2. The Fall: El sueño de Alexandria (2006)

Not only does this movie belong to a tragic descent, but viewers will feel like they’ve been plunged headfirst into an alternate universe with this dazzling adult fairy tale. And of course, the wonder of this film is its photography.
It is in those moments, that so well know how to capture the very essence of stories, where ‘The Fall’ becomes more spectacular before our eyes, either through the direct action of Colin Watkinson’s saturated photography, or through an amazing production design that takes incredible advantage of the natural landscapes of India, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Namibia or Nepal, in which the adventures of the group of heroes are filmed. Adding to this, the interesting choice of settings, the millimetric planning and the composition that he makes of shots, treating them as unique pictorial facts, causes us to find scenes of extreme beauty and brilliant transitions during the footage.

3. 2001: Una odisea en el espacio (1968)

This film is a complete cinematographic adventure, which penetrates our retinas, taking them away from the sordid, boring and well-known world that is ours and entering them into the exciting, exciting and mysterious universe that guards secrets so jealously that who knows if one day we will discover . Kubrick set out to create a masterpiece and he certainly succeeded.


4. Deseando amar (2000)

Stunning visual masterpiece with a heartbreakingly beautiful story. The red color palette sheds light on the deep feelings we share and gives us the feeling of having an intimate look at the feelings and desires of the protagonists. This is a movie that might not be the best choice for a movie session with friends, but it’s perfect for when you’re feeling especially romantic.

5. El gran hotel Budapest (2014)

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Wes Anderson movie. Due to the marked personality of his images, in terms of framing, symmetry and use of colours, Wes Anderson could perfectly well be a renowned painter in any museum. This movie is a good example of it. It is very high in the ranking of the best films of Wes Anderson, where the level of his talent is demonstrated.

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