About Us

PG® (Power Green Corp) is a leading brand in innovation, we have the mission to provide to our customers with state-of-the-art products, affordable prices and serving them with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

We define ourselves with three words trust, prestige and profitability. Over time we have created a series of values ​​that identify us as brand, among them we can mention Honesty.

After years of logistics and development of our products and incessant work of continuous innovation, PG has become a reference brand for its high
quality of its products and for great customer care and sales service. His mission focuses on developing technological innovations accessible to everyone
world, thus helping to improve their quality of life. With the aim of continuously improving and putting technology at the service of people.

In terms of technology, we are passionate about it and we believe that for it to be innovative, it must be accessible, it must make our world a better place, and it must be easy to use and available to any user. To do this, PG seeks to develop innovations that improve the lives of others.

Technology and quality as tools to create unique products, better products, and very advanced products, at the forefront of the market.

At PG we are sure that the best achievements in life are achieved through effort, we know a lot about that, since it is what has enabled us to reach the pinnacle of success. Therefore, for several years, at PG we have been committed to providing our services with the best team and through them we share values, including the culture of effort and investment in technology to achieve our goals and successes.